Star City Taekwondo Reviews

  • Love it! My son and I signed up on a whim and I'm really glad we did. Cameron and Sarah are very kid friendly, but also have the knowledge and skill to train adults! It's a non-intimidating environment, and such a perfect way to introduce yourself to combat sports and martial arts. I appreciate how they train my son and I differently according to age and size, so we really get a tailored experience. Don't think about it, just come and try a class for free! You get a good workout and learn so much about the sport.

    Ryan Flack
  • 🥋 We are so happy with our decision to start Taekwondo! I personally do not think we could have picked a better school to call home! Sarah and Cameron are a delight to be around. They are wonderful instructors who give their all to this school and it's students! 🥋

    Sierra Dawn Lewis
  • Fantastic school that is full of energy! Myself and my two daughters are having a great time. Side note: My oldest daughter ( 9 years old) said yes sir to me the other day. Thank you Sarah and Cameron Starnes!

    Marcus Fields
  • My son started training with Sarah and Cameron at a rec class at Green Ridge. He quickly fell in love with TKD and decided that he would like to continue training. Even though we have an option closer to our home, we chose to stay with Sarah and Cameron at Star City TKD because of the friendly and non-intimidating learning environment. I appreciate the freedom to try classes on different days/times rather than committing to a set schedule because, as any parent knows, life happens and sometimes schedules change. I’m impressed with how they train different belt levels in the same class without denying anyone the attention they need to progress, all while trying to make it fun for the kids.

    Leslie N
  • I have been training for many years with the instructors at Star City TKD and have great esteem for their skills as instructors and practitioners of martial arts.

    Simon Kaczor
  • The instructors are excellent with children and have years of experience. The studio is a beautiful, well-lit space.

    Jennifer Bloomer Segrest
  • Sarah was a guest instructor at my taekwondo school, and she was fantastic to work with! She's patient, funny, helpful, and knowledgeable, and an incredibly talented martial artist. I got a great workout under her instruction, and learned some tips that I use regularly in sparring. Overall, taekwondo provides a great workout for kids AND adults by incorporating cardio, strength training, and flexibility. Throw in important principles like discipline and respect for instructors and fellow students, taught in a kind and supportive environment. I can't wait to visit this new school when it opens and I'm in Roanoke!

    Korine Kolivras
  • Cameron and Sarah Starnes are two of the best martial arts instructors I have ever met. Both have an absolute love for Taekwondo and truly care about each of their students. They’re a wonderful couple who both enjoy working with children, teens, and adults as instructors, mentors, and perhaps most importantly... friends.

    Camden Richert
  • Cameron and Sarah both have excellent teaching skills and great patience with kids. They embody the tenets of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. Cameron has guided our son for 5+ years in one form or another and Sarah spent extra time outside normal class to mentor him and prepare him for his instructor's test. You will love working with them.

    Navee Singh
  • My son and I both took taekwondo with the Starnes. They are both wonderful teachers and take the time to fully explain and help you until you fully understand. My son actually took private lessons with Mr. Starnes. Completely recommend them!

    Susan White

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